Some of our Geldings   We have a ton of nice pictures to replace this junk just as soon as we find time.

Abu, Rocky and Blaze along with JR are heading for the XP 2001 this summer (2001).  Abu and Rocky are for sale after the ride - maybe.  Blaze and JR are rescue horses from a free flight to overseas steak races.  Consequently they will go to rest in our pastures some day because they wouldn't make anyone a good riding horse.  AND THAT is why we are breeding CANABIANS.  But Abu and Rocky will make good riding horses and by the end of this summer, they will be in great shape.
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Note: all our horses are freeze branded between two and four years of age.  The first picture is clickable, the second is not.
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Rocky at 7, just freeze branded, March 2001 - large Arabian nostrils, wide forehead, deeply  dished head and the biggest feet we have ever seen on an Arabian.  We file them down to fit in a size two easy boot, wore threes for a while.

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Blaze (Stylish Gent)

Blaze is very much like his sire, Style Master.  100% Arabian, he was freeze branded at 6.  The brand is a bit off size because of development and growth that occurred as he muscled up through training.

To Come:  Suffield Ranger (a Suffield Mustang - see photos elsewhere - "Red's Kids"), Jazz, Shaman (Anglo-Arab) LBM, and others.

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