All our mares are pure-bred Arabians. In general, our horses have been chosen for their long distance performance ability, usually from a line of proven stock.  Many of our mares and some of our other horses are Arabian ranch stock, raised to ranch work.   They have proven to make excellent endurance horses as a sample of the postings under "Performance" shows.  A number of our horses come from a stallion selected from ranch stock by Rita Jackson.  This stallion, Royal Alla, produced many many good horses.  Royal Alameer and Alla's JoyRide (JR) are only two of many.  This line of horses has been setting performance standards in Alberta for over fifty years. We own a number of related mares and mares having both Royal Alla and Bay Sage lines. See background    and photos of JR
Nick Name Registered Name Birth Date Height Colour Breed Notes
Mystique Desert Mystique June 5, 1994 15.2 est Bay Egyptian (Blue List) Tall endurance horse from Manitoba, became a brood mare due to shoulder injury 
Solo Solo's Star June 11, 1991 15.1 est Bay Retired endurance horse, very well trained
Libby Polkadot Princess C March 18, 1994 14.3 est Chestnut Roan with spots Polish Mother of our first foal in 1998
Shetana J C Shetana  May 1, 1992 14.3 Liver Chestnut Egyptian Ex endurance horse than became a brood mare during owners rehab from injury
Hlima Lady Halima April 26, 1995 14.3 Grey Egyptian Threw a beautiful black foal in 1999 that will be grey some day. A wonderful horse.
Pfelina Pfelina February 19, 1998 14 Palomino Polish Daughter of a black stallion and Libby - who has roaning and spots.  May breed her first time in 2002, or sell her for show, she is beautiful
Dallah Dallah Angelus September 1, 1986 13.2 Bay Polish Part sister to JR, she has produced beautiful foals
Nasreena Allah Nasreena April 21, 1977 14.3 Chestnut Polish Sister to JR, still producing strong healthy foals.
Shesana waiting for papers 1986 15 Grey Polish Part sister to JR with both Royal Alla and Angelus Sage, to be bred in 2002


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