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It's a long way from here to endurance.  It all started cause ol grandady used to let me sleep with the horse harness
                                                                        and go with him on the team on the stome boat to collect water from the spring up the way at 40 below.  I didn't realize it was cold hard work, but that I got to ride and drive the horeses.  Something about horses stuck for over 40 years and suddenly we have a pile of horses and are riding endurance, and looking at a new hybrid to bring together two beautiful breeds.  How did that ever happen?  Stay tuned for results.
   JR (Alla's Joyride), born 1983, top endurance horse in Alberta, 1999, top points, top miles, best conditon
Elaine Delbeke and Linda Riley at La Glace, Alberta, Saddle Hills Challenge
JR and Wayne at Saddle Hills

A good friend on the road with one of his three Tevis Horses

Greys at the start

Coin toss for first and second place

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