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Lazy ED Philosophy

All of our horses receive round pen training .  In the words of John Lyons, "The horse should not get hurt, you should not get hurt, and both of you should be calmer when you finish a workout than when you start it."

Teaching to give to pressure and relax in stressful situations happens throughout their first year.  By the time they are yearlings, they lead by hand without use of lead rope or halter.   Our horses are trained to walk with their shoulder even with their leader's shoulder without restraint.  Young horses are taught to pony, ground drive and accept a blanket and saddle by 12 to 18 months.  We send them out for one month of professional training between 3 and 4.  They are then pastured on 160 acres of hilly land until 4 or 5 before serious training and riding takes place.  They are developing excellent minds and sound bodies.

We have a limited number of  Canabians.   To help develop their reputation for hardiness, stamina and endurance,  we will be selective in choosing buyers.  We are looking for owners  who believe in LSD (Long Slow Distance) and the development of a long term partnership with their horse.  We are prepared to take our horses back within 60 days if you are not satisfied and provide a full refund less out of pocket expenses as long as there has been no physical or emotional trauma.  If they have been exposed to trauma, we will take them back at a reduced price and retrain and/or rehabilitate them.


Round Pen and House